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The launch of Vine in changed internet culture forever. He was right: After just a few months, Vine became the most popular free app. The simplicity, accessibility and ridiculousness of the platform led to many memorable users becoming viral sensations. In October , the company officially announced the app would be discontinued with little explanation as to why. The decision likely resulted from users seeking payment from platforms with better monetization models. The internet suddenly realized they had taken the app for granted and pleaded, to no avail, for Vine to stay up and running. In January , the app became a permanent archive to commemorate the creative loops.

THEN AND NOW: 14 popular Vine stars

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At times, it can feel like the Hollywood dating pool is tiny and that everyone has dated everyone. And maybe, perhaps, they have? Long before these celebrities made us laugh and cry with their acting or music, there was a time we didn’t know, like, everything about them. We discovered a smattering of celebrity relationships from before the parties achieved mega-fame, from Melissa Joan Hart, who cozied it up with Ryan Reynolds back when they were teenagers, to Keira Knightley and Mr.

Grey um sorry, Jamie Dornan , when he was just known as a Calvin Klein model back in Also, we couldn’t forget to mention Ryan Gosling and his cute baby face as he supported then-boo Sandra Bullock on the red carpet.

Top 10 Viners To Follow

Lepore in a Vine video. Screenshot: Vine. Then, they broke up last August in Los Angeles. Shortly after, Ms. Vazquez got a concussion and Mr.

She began dating the YouTuber when she was “I was just so scared always because he would yell at me always,” she said. ” It was my fault.

If you’ve ever stumbled upon the popular pages of celebrity Viners like KC James or Matt Cutshall, you’ve probably noticed one super funny and drop-dead gorgeous chick who pops up in them from time to time — one who has grown to be a Vine celeb in her own right. She’s the ultimate definition of not being “just another pretty face,” because watching her Vines in a public place is basically asking for someone to see you rolling around on the floor laughing.

Girl has jokes. While most of Vandenberg’s Vines co-star Matt Cutshall they’re also featured in tons of each other’s Instagram pics , and people have speculated that they’re an adorable Vine power couple, the two are just BFFs. In an interview with Behind the Vine earlier this year , she described him as her “best friend in the universe. In the romance department, Vandenberg was most recently linked to Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner.

Reportedly, they started dating in , and although there are no concrete details, rumors on the Interwebz seem to indicate they broke up earlier this year. While Vandenberg and Cutshall would be a couple made in Vine heaven, she and Alex Turner were kind of the cutest thing ever and super into Halloween?

Tommy Lee Marries Vine Star Brittany Furlan, Or Does He?

It’s possible that former Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee got married for the fourth time over the Memorial Day weekend. Or it could all be a big joke. Lee and fiancee former Vine star Brittany Furlan posted a photo on Sunday May 27 in which they are wearing matching white robes and slippers while kissing under an awning. The caption on the photo reads “BEST. The cryptic nature of the caption made it unclear if the pair actually got married or were just having some fun, despite E!

A post shared by brittanyfurlan brittanyfurlan on May 27, at pm PDT.

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Scotty Sire is an American vine star and Youtuber. He is an internet personality who got his fame as a comic video content creator. Firstly he made a 6-second video making app vine by collaborating with various other viners, which made him popular among the people. His videos are hilarious dating videos, and his 6-second vine video gave him success. Maybe you know about Scotty Sire very well, but do you know how old and tall is he and what is his net worth in ?

Born on April 1, , in California, United States. His father is of Irish ethnicity owns a construction factory, and his mother, Crossen Sire of Lebanese ethnicity, is active on Youtube. He has four siblings. His schooling has not been known because, like other celebrities, he also keeps his personal life out of the limelight.

The 10 most popular Vines of the last year

Byte lets you shoot or upload and then share six-second videos. Byte comes equipped with standard social features like a feed, Explore page, notifications and profiles. The app plans to soon launch a pilot of its partner program for offering monetization options to people proving popular on Byte. By getting started paying early, Byte might lure some of those dancers, comedians and pranksters over to its app and be able to retain them long-term.

Byte founder Dom Hofmann. Byte is a long time coming.

Vine is an American social networking short-form video hosting service where users could The “loop count” also includes views from vines that are embedded onto other short video platforms, and with them followed many popular Vine creators. Social network advertising · Social network hosting service · Online dating.

Vine is an American social networking short-form video hosting service where users could share six or seven second-long, looping video clips. It was founded in June ; American microblogging website Twitter acquired it in October , well before its official release on January 24, Videos published on Vine’s social network could also be shared on different social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The Vine app was also used to try to browse videos, along with a group of videos that were uploaded by theme, and hoping that users could “trend” videos.

Vine competed with other social media services such as Instagram and Mobli. By December , Vine had over million active users. The archive was officially discontinued in April

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In January , Vine shut down. In its roughly five years, it had garnered millions of active users, aided in the discovery of Shawn Mendes , cemented itself into pop culture , and attracted a strong pool of talented creators with large followings. They were lambasted by the YouTube community not only for their videos questionable comedic value, but their behavior as YouTube creators. The Paul Brothers, in particular, are notorious for creating drama, from assault accusations to convention riots.

Game theorist, Matthew Patrick, argued that the arrival of the Viners heralded the advent of a new generation of YouTubers. Yet two years from that date, and it appears like the Viner craze was just that, a craze.

Jessi Smiles is one of the most popular Vine stars in the world. Brandon Calvillo probably got so big because his Vines are hilarious and Lepore briefly dated Vine star Jessi Smiles, but she accused Lepore of rape shortly.

Subscriber Account active since. Liana V is one of the most popular Vine stars in the world. Ever since its launch almost two years ago, Vine’s stars have used its six-second videos to make a name for themselves. We collected and ranked the most popular Vine stars in the world based on their number of followers. Most are comedians, while others are musicians or actors. These Vine users have risen from relative obscurity and are now followed by millions of people. Some have even landed record deals or TV show and movie deals because of Vine.

The 30th most popular Viner in the world is none other than Justin Bieber. In addition to being a pop star and one of the world’s most popular Instagram users , Ariana Grande is also big on Vine. She doesn’t post much herself, mostly reposting other users’ Vines. Liane V ‘s Vines are a mix of comedy, music, and dance. When she’s not making six-second videos, Liane is also a pageant queen and is even using her newfound fame to promote her new line of clothing.


The first thing that is noticeable about Lele Pons is that she is an overachiever that has achieved stuff that her contemporaries can hardly dream of. She has been involved in music, comedy, television, and film. And to think she only got her first phone in at the age of But she is just getting started. She became the first Viner to amass One billion loops and has accumulated over 8 billion loops before the app was shut down.

Yet two years from that date, and it appears like the Viner craze was just views and subscriptions fell or leveled off for the top former Viners.

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